The Types of Steelers Fans – 1st Edition 1.The “Sixburgh” I figured we’d start off strong, with one of the most annoying breeds of Steeler fan.  The Sixburgh is the Steelers fan who, no matter the point brought up, simply refers to the Steelers past Super Bowl wins, as if it’s a valid point to […]

The Types of Steelers Fan

The Browns are 0-8. In previous seasons, I’ve done a weekly “what the Browns need to do to win” type of article each week. I have not this year, because the Browns are exceptionally bad and their win probabilities are generally fairly low. With that in mind, I do want to start a weekly column […]

Browns Storylines: 2016 Week 9 Edition

I don’t really know how to intro this properly. Part of being a Browns fan, or a Cleveland sports fan in general, is sticking to a certain set of unspoken rules.  I wanted to find a way to represent those rules in a slightly humorous way, so I started working on this list.  See if […]

The 10 Browns Fan Commandments

After pretending not to have a decision all week, Browns head coach Hue Jackson announced today that Cody Kessler would resume his role as the Browns starting quarterback this week against the Cowboys. Kessler missed last week due to a concussion. Jackson said that it was tough to send Josh McCown to the bench, but […]

Kessler To Start Sunday vs Cowboys It was only a matter of time. Previous reports said that the Browns would trade anyone other than Terrelle Pryor. It appears that the Browns are making good on that offer. According to ProFootballTalk, a deal would likely takes place near the trade deadline. Also according to PFT, the odds of a deal are slightly […]

Report: Browns Looking To Trade Joe Thomas For 2nd Rounder