4 Valid Reasons To Hope For The Browns Success In 2015 3   Recently updated !

Doom and gloom. The Browns are going to implode this year. They don’t have a shot. I mean, just look at that schedule! And the quarterback situation, what a mess! Not so fast. It’s not quite the dumpster fire that the media and about half of all Browns fans make it out to be. In […]

NFL: Washington Redskins at Cleveland Browns

Malcom Brown

Rob’s Mock Draft 1.0 3

It’s that time of year again.  Spring is in the air…somewhere, I’m sure.  I wouldn’t know about that, though, because it is snowing outside my window in Canton, Ohio right now. However, it is NFL Draft season again, which means that Browns fans are keyed up, hoping against hope that the third time will be […]

Why Are Browns Fans So Loyal? 23

In a strange twist of fate (or maybe not so strange, actually), the Cleveland Browns football team has come to have a fan base as well known as the team that they support. While the Dawg Pound started as a section of the stadium, it’s grown in years since. It’s come to be a term […]



The 2015 Browns Draft: 9 Key Players To Watch In The First Round 4

As the draft approaches, we should be able to start to zero in on a few players. Really, we start by focusing on a few positions, and then from there we can start to dial in on who the first round prospects are out of those groupings. The Browns are likely to look at a […]

Browns Absolutely Doing The Right Thing By Not Volunteering For Hard Knocks 1

In an interview at the NFL Owner’s meeting this week, Cleveland Browns Head Coach Mike Pettine told reporters that the Browns would not be volunteering to appear on HBO’s Hard Knocks. The Browns were reported to be one of the finalist to appear on the show. This is a smart move for the Browns. While […]



Report: Browns Discipline In “Text Gate” Expected To Be “Severe” 8

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Browns might just get hammered for Text Gate.   Well, that’s not good. Most analyst have predicted the loss of a mid-round draft pick, but could the Ginger Hammer (Roger Goodell) really come down harder on the Browns? Is a GM sending condescending text messages to the sidelines during […]

Daily Browns Blog-o-sphere Roundup – 25 March 2015

Today is a new day. It’s a great day.  It’s the day we officially launch our Daily Browns Blog-o-sphere Roundup! What’s a Daily Browns Blog-o-sphere Roundup you say? I’m glad you asked. We’ll dig around the various Browns blogs, and put together a single list here with their various content. We’ll even add in a […]



Browns Head Coach Mike Pettine Wins Quote Of The Year 16

Cleveland Browns Head Coach Mike Pettine had what is maybe my favorite quote from an NFL coach in my lifetime in an interview at the annual NFL coaches meeting. When being pressed about the Browns search for a quarterback and rumors involving a possible first round draft pick for Sam Bradford, Pettine replied: “Contrary to […]

The 2015 State Of The Browns: The Running Backs

  As we continue our 2015 State of the Browns today, you should get caught up first. You can read our overview here, and our piece on Ray Farmer here. In this edition, we’re going to talk about the running back corps. So, the obvious starting point are with the potential starters. Starters: Terrance West, […]



Browns Donte Whitner Sees New Uniforms, Teases Details 13

Cleveland Browns Pro Bowl Safety Donte Whitner got to see the Browns new uniforms as part of a photo shoot he took part in today. He then took to Twitter to spill some juicy tidbits on them: Workout in the books now time for this @Nike photo shoot… — DonteHitner (@DonteWhitner) March 24, 2015 I'm […]