Browns Training Camp Week One Observations 2   Recently updated !

We’re a week through Browns training camp, and there are some pretty notable themes that have started to develop. Some players have started to shine, and we can start to pick up on some patterns. 1. Johnny Manziel has made significant progress Day 4 really showed how far Manziel has come. While working out of […]



McCown Has Been An Awesome Mentor To Manziel 2   Recently updated !

I may not be very high on Josh McCown the starting quarterback, but I have to say that I am highly impressed with how he’s taken to pouring himself into a role as a mentor to Johnny Manziel. During the 3rd day of camp, Manziel made a super nice throw, and McCown went nuts. He […]

Gallery: Browns Digital Camo Jerseys Are Kind Of Awesome 2

As part of a daily competition between the offense and defense, Head Coach Mike Pettine is letting the winner wear a special jersey the next day at practice. It’s kind of awesome: All images are via Make sure to go comment down below with your thoughts/reactions!  Your comments are the fuel that drives the […]


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Browns Training Camp Day Two Observations 9

Today was a much more interesting day of training camp for the Browns. Yesterday, the quarterbacks struggled mightily. Today? Not so much. Overall, Johnny Manziel hit 20 out of 21 passing attempts. Josh McCown was slightly less accurate, but nailed a couple deep throws that he dropped dime on in directly in front of receivers. […]

Toothless Steelers Fan Does Toothless Steelers Fan Things 3

Do you ever think you’ve got it bad men? Somewhere, some poor dumb bastard in Cleveland is married to all four of these teeth. I guess he at least gets a break with her driving out to that Pennsylvania sewer of a city to watch the Steelers practice? Silver linings! Here’s the full video, in […]



Browns Training Camp Day One Observations 4

Things started off in a pretty cool fashion at Browns Training Camp, with Head Coach Mike Pettine choosing a great song for the team to stretch out to: "Cleveland Rocks" is the first song of 2015 Browns training camp. — Andrew Gribble (@Andrew_Gribble) July 30, 2015 There were only a few guys who didn’t practice: […]

Browns Media Day Notes And Quotes

Tomorrow starts Browns training camp. Today Head Coach Mike Pettine held a press conference, and Browns players were made available to the media. Here are some of my favorite quotes: From Coach Pettine: Pettine said they feel good where they are at defensively and offensively they have "to find our identity" — Daryl Ruiter (@RuiterWrongFAN) […]

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Pettine: McCown Not Guaranteed As Week One Starter 2

Sometimes, it’s in what you don’t say that matters. Browns Head Coach Mike Pettine isn’t quite ready to close the door on Johnny Manziel winning the starting job over Josh McCown. “I don’t think anything’s changed,” Pettine said. “I wouldn’t say I’m guaranteeing today that Josh is going to be the starter against the Jets. […]

Campbell: Manziel Tutored By Jon Gruden Last Week 1

According to a report today from WalterFootball’s Charlie Campbell, Browns Quarterback Johnny Manziel spent several days working in Tampa working with former NFL Head Coach and Quarterback guru Jon Gruden. It’s pretty impossible to not take heart in the change in the actions of Johnny Manziel. Like I’ve said a few times since he got […]

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Story-lines To Watch As Browns Open Camp, Part 1 1

Training Camp is upon us at long last! After the 6 weeks of summer off, Browns players will begin to report to camp. This started yesterday with the rookies, and will include the rest of the team starting on July 30th. So what do we need to be watching? What are the key and compelling […]